Saturday, 7 February 2015


Like looking for corners in a circle
Like wandering about a labyrinth blindfolded
Like being consumed by a white whirlpool
Like the last breath before that free fall
Like being roped by massive tangles of void
A giant wheel that won't take you down
That unagreeing gravity that won't let your feet move
Like the senseless wash of colours
And a cacophony of people unknown
That, that numbed the chords before you spoke
Like a demented world
In a place between dusk and twilight
A deranged mind in a twisted reality
And a heart that knows only,
To love.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Fall in love

She fell in love,
Not just for what he was or all that he could be
She fell in love,
Not because he was hard to pursue
Or that it was the chase.
She fell in love,
With his beautiful mind.
She fell in love, as how
His thoughts could blind her own.
And, his supreme sense of bearing.
She fell in love,
With the way a mind so powerful,
Guarded a heart so passionate.
She fell in love,
With the idea of love.
She fell in love,
Like poison Ivy crept trees
She fell in love,
Oh yes, she did and how!
She fell in love,
Each time harder than the last.

Friday, 7 November 2014


It was a tussle of scents that lingered,
Either wouldn't give up
An impression made in space
That he had been and gone
The trace of a certain perfume
Like a windchime whisper
Like your heart in a riddle
Like a printed trail of two
Like a territory marked
Like a bewildering maze of emotions.
Like the whole world forsaken,
Like kissed and taken.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


They say, if dreams can come true,
So can your nightmares.
What are the odds?
How would you test the waters?
Would it serve good to hope?
Do you live by the world?
Who marks the lines?
Are we there yet?
If your leap of faith failed you, then?
Can you have the strength to revisit the pages?
Why me? Why not me?
Am I above beauty, words, infinity?

We all lie,
ask difficult questions,
Seek in empty places,
Wait, because you can't leave just yet.
We love to allow ourselves delusions.
To feel another day of unowned beauty.
To be all that you can't be
To still try to tie the lose ends.
To make sense
To love undeniably
To try each day to find answers
To fall
To rise
To fall

Just, may be then you realise,
Sometimes, you can only close your eyes,
Trust blindly!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

There is beauty.

There is a certain beauty when the night falls
When it’s her alone, than can transcend
His burning rage into silent streaming peace
She’s the night, that knows her darkness inside and out

There’s a certain beauty, when in her quiet she sits,
Weaving the greens in black and black in bright
The enchantress he couldn’t help chase
And gave away his pride to embrace her dark light

There’s a certain beauty when the night falls,
And how her deafening silence can lure your mind
In to your darkest rooms and valleys
She is such, Fearful, threatening, over powering.

There’s a certain beauty when she descends,
Up the fortress of forbidden dreams
As calm as the withdrawing sea before the storms
As there is a beauty, also in her empty heart

There’s a certain beauty, in her army of stars
That look upon his stride, into her reign
When his gaze rose to meet her eyes
When all things bent unconscious, in his light they lit

There’s a certain beauty,
There’s an untold story,
 In the way she lives in the shadows of his light
As he lives at the brink of her moonlight

The empress dark submits her fight
As he casts his streams of reddened hue
Bright rays cascading through,
And, she lets him consume her too

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Who is she?

Removed from the stir of society,
Damned be the world, rebel, she be?
A little of the world, yet none at all,
With yesterdays' tints and a hope for redemption, who she be?

Underneath layers of silent screaming insecurities,
Little by little, she'll kill you. Con woman, is she?
As unapologetic as the sea,
Tranquil one moment, turbulent the next.
A disorienting darkness for a day
Rose hued rays of a morning sun for the night
A charming myth in an appalling reality
A beautiful lie in a scandalous truth
An unpainted portrait, an unwritten poetry
Who can turn a sinner into a saint, a saint a sinner.

She is that she was taught, that she was loved
She is that you let her see, that she was let be
She loves when wars reign, she loves like love can never learn
With eyes as dark as ink, reflecting your own life's follies.

In her own little quests and discovery, in a self made laboratory
Living in a misanthropists' heaven, tussling time's fine masonry
We've all sought and yet lived with her
We've all fought to not be her-
Isnt she the one residing in you. Isnt she is you?

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Friday, 14 March 2014

In denial.

We will fall together,
But not in love, 
In denial. 
I'll mark my demesne
You conjure your reasons
There will be a unison
Never will be.
We will fall together,
But not in love,
In denial.
Time is to play its favourite game
Of chase run-run chase
In a life like maze.
You deny confronting your heart
And, I my stance.
We will fall together,
But not in love,
In denial.
It rips you apart every time you deny
It kills me, when it does.
In your moment of personal rebellion
In the betrayal of my memory
We will fall together,
But not in love, 
In denial.